CoinLoan ICO Starts Now! Here We Go!

The official ICO launches on November 26 at 2:00 pm, UTC. We need your support more than ever before! It’s the most difficult stage of the project and we have a set a challenging target. We are seeking venture capital and private investors, crypto enthusiasts and everybody who is interested in our project so that we can reach our hard cap goal. We need your help today to be our ambassadors. Tell everyone you know about us, and tell them why we’re a good investment.

CoinLoan Is Granted Financial Transactions License

Recently we took a significant step toward being ready for launch. On November 21, 2017, CoinLoan was successfully granted a license by the Register of Economic Activities (License No.FIA000071). This will allow CoinLoan to make payments in cryptocurrency, fiat and payment systems. According to this license, our company has passed rigorous checks for legality, financial stability and security. Effectively, we can now legally receive payments in crypto and fiat currencies and make transfers between individuals and legal entities. We also plan to comply with the financial regulations of every country where CoinLoan operates.

Investing in an ICO can be a very risky business. Most will not deliver of the ambitious promises they make, and even if they do, they may not last too long due to competition. Since CoinLoans began, we’re proud to say that our values have guided everything we’ve done. We’re focused on building a business that’s reliable, fair and profitable in the long-term.

Unlike most ICO start-ups, we don’t plan on raising funds and then finding out whether the project is successful. We are investing our funds and time into a project that’s been running for a year already, and preparing a project which complies with regulations and offers a fully operational product to the market, not just a “concept”. So far, we feel that we’ve been justified in our approach — the results at the PRE-ICO stage helped us to raise more than $800K.

We appreciate all of your contributions and thank you for putting your faith in the CoinLoan project!



The CoinLoan team will be glad to answer your questions.



CoinLoan is a Crypto Lending Platform

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