CoinLoan’s partnership with Elliptic: Investing in trust and security

Crypto fraud statistics since 2018. Adapted from the FTC report

Evolution of crypto-related threats

Enter cryware

Clipping and switching. Adapted from

Beware of social engineering

Social media scams abound

Investment fraud

Romance scams

Top-4 crypto scams by reported losses between January 2021 and March 2022. Adapted from the FTC Report. Note: Business and government imposters used crypto ATMs

Elliptic as part of CoinLoan’s security and compliance

Reasons for choosing Elliptic

What benefits does Elliptic bring to CoinLoan?

Wallet screening via Elliptic. Adapted from

Benefits for CoinLoaners

How it works

Compliance experts’ perspective



CoinLoan is a Crypto Lending Platform

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CoinLoan is a Crypto Lending Platform