CoinLoan’s July Update

In this month’s community update, we’re improving interest rates, welcoming a new CLT listing on Hotbit, learning a bit more about cybersecurity, and more. Let’s take a look at what’s been going on at CoinLoan during July.

Now You Can Earn Up to 6.4% on Ethereum

More details about the update read in the dedicated blog post:

Earning Rate for ETH Increased by 50% in CoinLoan Interest Account

CLT Is Now Listed on Hotbit

Since the CLT/BTC trading pair has been opened on Hotbit, CLT reached a price of $22 (0.002 BTC), above where it’s ever been.

CoinLoan Token (CLT) Listed on Hotbit Trading Platform

Cyber Attack Resistance Manual

The good news is that there’s always a way to regain your digital identity and recover your account. But the further attackers go, the harder it is to kick them out of your profiles. So time is of the essence, as well as the right course of action.

Learn how to regain control over your identity and compromised account in our blog post:

Why Changing Passwords May Not Help When You’re Hacked

The Story of China’s New Digital Yuan

For that reason, we wanted to make a note of a few things you should know about this new digital currency venture:

What You Need to Know About China’s New Digital Yuan

CoinLoan in Media

CoinLoan changes the industry standard and now offers the lowest interest rates on crypto loans

  • A major interview with CoinLoan founders on Bidi:

As Defi Flies, CoinLoan Founders Predict the Future of Crypto Lending • Bidl

  • A review by Matt Walker from

CoinLoan Facilitates P2P Crypto-Backed Loans that Allow Digital Asset Holders to Keep Funds while Lenders Earn Returns —

  • A comprehensive blog post by Jean Galea:

CoinLoan Review 2020 — Using Cryptocollateral for Safer Lending

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Originally published at on July 31, 2020.

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