CoinLoan’s November Report

Hi CoinLoaner,

In the previous report, we highlighted our results for the quarter. November was also vibrant, which is why we would like to share our results for the month. The growth was explicit — we reached our targets, even surpassing some of them. Without further ado, let’s dive in!


Asset Growth

In November, the growth of wallet deposits hit its all-time high. The record number of users took advantage of Crypto Exchange — more buying, selling, and swapping activity was observed. Consequently, CoinLoan issued more loans and increased its profits from loan origination and exchange fees.

Key stats:

  • Wallet deposits grew by 553%.
  • Asset exchange volume rose by 239%.
  • The number of issued loans surged by 512%.
Asset Growth Chart

Overall, November stats across all the financials showed rapid growth, breaking all-time high marks.

User Growth

In Q4 2021, the number of users continued to grow thanks to marketing activities on selected cryptocurrencies.

Key stats:

  • 716% more people registered and became CoinLoan users.
  • The number of successful verification spiked — 424% more users became verified clients compared to the previous month.
  • 12x was the surge in the number of mobile users — 1279% increase overall.
  • The total rise of 178% was observed in the user base across all metrics.
User Growth Chart

Profit Growth

The primary profit channels for CoinLoan are the exchange, loan origination, and loan interest fees. In November, profits grew at a record level due to the rapid growth of wallet deposits and swapping activity.

Key stats:

  • +252% in exchange fee profits
  • +432% in loan origination fee profits
  • +236% in loan interest profits
Profit Growth Chart

Current Development

Our platform’s rapid growth is a sign of broader adoption of crypto management tools. Crypto veterans and enthusiasts are looking into growing their funds and protecting them from volatility. CoinLoan aims to deliver the products that answer their needs. For that purpose, we launched two offers tailored specifically to those interested in using and managing their digital assets effectively.

CoinLoan Debit Card

CoinLoan Debit Card is powered by Visa and allows its holder to swap and spend cryptocurrencies on the go, track expenses, and see the history of transfers.

The card offers:

  • Quick and easy wallet access
  • No limits and fees on transfers
  • 24/7 access to all our core services
  • Acceptance by 60M+ merchants around the world
  • Past transactions’ reports

Join our waiting list here to pre-order the card.

New Coin

Recently, we have added Cardano to our platform. It is live now and available for purchase. You can also sell and swap, earn interest, and use it as collateral for crypto-backed loans.

CLT Packages

As CoinLoan entered a new development stage, we have allocated 3M tokens CLT packages. The package allows you to buy our native token at competitive rates. The minimum purchase starts at $25K. CLT allows its holders to receive extra benefits: a higher APY (up to 12.3%) on Interest Account deposits with CLT staking and 50% off on borrowing fees paid in a native token.

The funds will support CoinLoan’s further growth and community.

Please check availability here.

CLT is at the rapid development stage. Our budget for platform development has tripled over the summer, which had a positive influence on CLT price and adoption.

Key stats:

Partial Loan Repayment Functionality

A new function allows borrowers to choose flexible terms for loan repayment and pay partially rather than in full.

Wrapping Up

November was a good month for CoinLoan. Yet, all the outlined changes and updates are just the tip of the iceberg. We have a lot more planned for the coming weeks. Stay tuned and subscribe to our blog to not miss the new offers and updates!

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The information provided by CoinLoan (“we,” “us” or “our”) in this report is for general informational purposes only. All investment/financial opinions expressed by CoinLoan in this report are from the personal research and open information sources and are intended as educational material. All outlined information is provided in good faith, however we make no representation or warranty of any kind, express or implied, regarding the accuracy, adequacy, validity, reliability, availability or completeness of any information in this report.

Originally published at on December 15, 2021.



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