Guide — How to Buy Tokens During the ICO

Many contributors ask: “How to buy tokens during the ICO?” so we decided to provide you a step-by-step guide.

Before going into the details of this guide, let us remind you of the main benefits for ICO participants. First, tokens are much cheaper during the ICO, so when you use them to pay the service fee on the platform after launch, the actual price you will pay will be very low and second you can use the tokens as a crypto-collateral. The tokens are priced at $2-$8 during the ICO vs. $10 or more after launch. That’s why it’s worth buying CLT now!

We remind you that tokens can be purchased with cryptocurrency: Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH) and other cryptocurrencies.

The process of purchasing tokens takes only a few minutes.

Step 1 — Signing Up on the Website: open website and enter all data required for signing up. You need to input your Email and Password, confirm that you’ve read and agreed to our Terms and Conditions, pass the anti-spam protection and follow the link from the account activation email.

If you haven’t received this email within 10 minutes please contact the website support.

Step 2 — Activating Your Account: after signing up and activating your account, follow the link in your email to open the website. Here you can find your account and activate it. You will see a timer with the ICO stage status. In the left part of your profile, you will find your Email, balance, current token price and cryptocurrency exchange rate, as well as the amount of funds raised and the amount of tokens sold. In the middle, you can find a link to the referral program.

Step 3 — Purchasing Tokens

Please click on Buy Tokens.

Each registered user has a unique address to participate in the ICO. This address is linked to personal deposit addresses in Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin to allow you to use your preferred method of payment. Each user has a unique address, thanks to which the system can detect the recipient, amount of funds and method of payment. The cryptocurrency exchange rates update every 60 seconds and are taken from a large exchange.

Copy this address and transfer the required amount to it. It will be shown below in the Transaction History — this table is updated every 30 seconds. At first, it is always marked as Pending, but please don’t worry. As soon as the transaction is confirmed in the blockchain, your tokens and exchange rate are locked in the system and shown in your profile. Bitcoin needs one confirmation, Ethereum — 6, and Litecoin — 3. Please note that due to high congestion on the blockchain and/or low transaction miner fees (set by you) delays may occur.

After sending the transactions to the stated address they will be shown in the transaction table.

Besides, there is also a handy calculator which will count everything for you.

Step 4. Please Wait for the Confirmation of the Transaction Completion

Please simply wait until the transaction is confirmed by the network. On average this takes 5–10 minutes. While waiting you may find more information about joining our community on any social media convenient for you: all links are under the transaction window.

After confirming the transaction, you will automatically receive a notification via Email. It will confirm the token purchase. The tokens will be accrued on balance and shown in your account. They will be safely stored at your personal account balance until the end of the ICO. No later than one month after the end of the ICO, you will be able to withdraw the tokens to any ERC-20-compatible wallet added by you in the profile settings. By the end of ICO, we’ll add the feature of token withdrawal in the profile.

CoinLoan does not have a Bounty program, but we have a referral program: share your CoinLoan referral link with your friends and you’ll get 5% of their token purchase. After your friend purchases the tokens following your link the bonus tokens will be credited to your account in Referral Program section. The link on the referral program is available only after signing in your account:

We will be glad to see you as our contributor!



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