Introducing new Loans interface — now it’s easier to manage your loans

Loans module

Loan cards

  • Loan health meter with the current LTV. It indicates your loan status by color. If it is green, everything is alright. If it is red, some action is needed.
  • Icon and ticker of your collateral. In the older interface, you could see collateral currency on the loan page only.
  • Repay and Add Collateral buttons. When your collateral market value drops, it’s crucial to add some collateral as soon as possible or repay your loan fully. Now you can do this directly from the Loans module.
Loan cards in Loans module — Web platform

Loan dashboard

Loan dashboard — Web platform
  • Loan health meter as a color indicator of your loan status (from green to red)
  • Payoff amount* in your loan currency
  • Collateral amount in your collateral currency
  • Next payment amount in your loan currency
  • Next payment date
  • The Repay, Add Collateral, and Withdraw Collateral buttons in one place for better loan management
  • Loan ID to copy on the Loan page and get help with the loan from our support team.

Repayment schedule

Repayment schedule — Web platform



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